"It’s not the impressive buildings we construct that make this company great. It’s the heart of the people in this company that distinguish us as exceptional." - Bruce Thompson | Chief Executive Officer

Gold Key | PHR Hotels and Resorts has placed a great emphasis on attracting and retaining the best talent in our industry. Our Executive Leadership is composed of men and women who have learned our business from the ground up and seasoned veterans from some of the world’s most respected hospitality companies. The result is a cohesive team 2,400 strong that consistently outperforms the market and exceeds our financial goals while delivering great service to thousands of guests.

Executive Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce L. Thompson

Chief Investment Officer

Robert Howard

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Carson

President, Gold Key Resorts

John L. (Bucky) Houser

President, Professional Hospitality Resources

Paul van Leeuwen

Chief Operating Officer, Professional Hospitality Resources

Jim Darter

Lee Westnedge

General Counsel

Lee Westnedge

Executive Vice President of Food & Beverage Operations

Chuck Sass

Executive Vice President of Finance

Mike Poch

Vice President of Development, Gold Key | PHR

Bryan D. Cuffee

Executive Vice President of Administration

Elizabeth Weller

Executive Vice President of Hotel Operations

Axel Suray

Vice President GKR Owner Relations

Jackie Riggs

Vice President of Sales

Mary Reinhardt


Vice President of Marketing, Gold Key Resorts

Dave Shively

Michael Woodhead

Vice President of Marketing, Professional Hospitality Resources

Michael Woodhead


Director of Financial Services

Glenn Ramella

Vice President of Information Technology

Paul Grosch

Director of Procurement

Terry Lavey


Director of Risk Management

Jenny McLane


Director of Human Resources

Stacey Rouse


Director of Sales and Marketing, Hotel Division

Tade Allen

Director of Finance

Mike Corso


Internal Auditor

Michelle Coronato